About Yellow Dog Software

Yellow Dog Software was created to fill a need for a robust inventory solution at an affordable price point for the hospitality industry. 

The name - We choose the name Yellow Dog Software based on the owner's dog named Sola.  She is a yellow dog.....a mutt in terms of breed.  However, Sola exhibits the qualities every dog owner desires.  She is fiercly loyal, obedient, friendly, and wants to work.  These are the core values we embody as a software company.  Loyal to our clients, obedient to the needs of our users, friendly in terms of a working relationship with customers, prospects, and partners, and a strong work ethic to ensure that our clients receive the best possible inventory solution for their business needs.  There are thousands of software companies with more impressive and intimidating names.  We choose a name that represents who we are - a loyal company that exists to serve our clients (masters if you will).

Yellow Dog Software - Your best friend in the hospitality industry