PA520 Data Collector Package

  • $ 944.95

LIMITED STOCK WARNING - January 2019, the PA520 is nearing end of life and supplies are limited. Please call our support group to confirm stock before placing this order. Support can be reached at 757-818-9360.

This package includes the data collector, the USB connected cradle to attach to your workstation, YDI mobile software, ground shipping to the continental US, labor for configuration and training, as well as a 1 Year Standard Warranty which covers internal hardware issues.
Includes the ability to count items (and add them to physicals, orders, receipts, transfers, etc), review items and make edits, reduce items (for import to manual adjustments/waste), and perform transfers.
Purchasing this software also requires a monthly support fee of $9.00 per device. Billing to start the first month after the delivery of your software.
Purchasing this system indicates your approval to purchase the YDI Mobile software license. Purchasing this software is in acknowledgement that an existing Agreement exists between Yellow Dog Software and your facility and that the provisions contained the previous Agreement are controlling the purchase of this software license. Any approvals or acknowledgements required by your facility prior to entry into this Agreement are the sole responsibility of your facility.
The “YDI Mobile” program will allow you to collect data on the handheld, which then can be turned into a physical count, purchase order, receipt, or transfer. YDI Mobile also offers a review mode that you can use to spot check items to ensure they are setup properly with all UPC codes assigned as well as a waste mode for reducing counts of items.
The PA520 QVGA is a bar code data collector that works in-conjunction with your Yellow Dog Inventory software.

Don't forget to add the warranty: 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty.